E. City Swap

Specta Swap is a decentralized crypto exchange platform (Decentralized Exchange or DEX) available on the Specta Chain. Specta Swap allows users to buy, sell, or exchange various crypto assets directly from their wallet, without having to transfer their assets to a centralized exchange platform which requires lengthy KYC (Know Your Customer) or registration processes.

One of the main features of Specta Swap is Decentralized Liquidity. Since Specta Swap leverages blockchain technology and smart contracts, liquidity comes from Liquidity Providers who provide liquidity for various crypto asset pairs on the platform. This means that users can trade larger volumes, and at fairer and more stable prices.

Apart from that, Specta Swap also has a feature called "Automated Market Maker" (AMM) which allows users to make trades without having to wait for a cryptocurrency pair that matches their order. In AMM, prices are determined by the available supply of liquidity, so users can trade directly and efficiently.

Specta Swap also offers low transaction fees, as well as flexibility in choosing the crypto assets you want to exchange. Users can easily exchange their crypto assets for other crypto assets available on Specta Swap, quickly and easily. Overall, Specta Swap is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that allows users to trade crypto assets directly from their wallets with decentralized liquidity, low fees, and greater flexibility in choosing the pairs of crypto assets they wish to exchange.

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