Specta Chain has its own token standard known as SAFE 20, which is similar to ERC 20 on Ethereum or BEP 20 on Binance Smart Chain. This token standard enables the creation and management of digital assets on top of the Specta Chain. SAFE 20 enables standardized creation of digital tokens compatible with the Specta Chain network.

Similar to ERC 20 on Ethereum, SAFE 20 enables the use of tokens generated on the Specta Chain network and can be used for a wide variety of applications and services, such as cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, DeFi and DApps (Decentralized Applications) that use the SPC network. The SAFE 20 token can be considered a smart contract that implements the SAFE 20 standard and is registered on the Specta blockchain. SAFE 20 tokens can be used for various purposes, such as value transfers, payments, rewards, and so on. In terms of security, the SAFE 20 token is protected by encryption technology and a smart contract system, so transactions are safe and cannot be changed. SAFE 20 also supports cross chain transfers, which allows users to transfer their tokens to another SAFE 20 compatible blockchain.

SAFE 20 also enables the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), which are unique digital assets and are not interchangeable with other digital assets. NFTs are very popular in digital art, games and other virtual worlds. One of the main advantages of using the SAFE 20 token is the relatively low transaction fees compared to the Ethereum network. This is because the transaction fee on Specta Chain uses the digital asset Specta Coin (SPC) as the gas fee, which is cheaper than the gas fee on Ethereum. SAFE 20 also provides interoperability features that allow tokens to be transferred between the SPC network and other networks that use the ERC 20 standard, such as Ethereum. This allows the SAFE 20 token to be more easily traded and accessible to users on various blockchain platforms.

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