"The Specta blockchain leverages key principles to increase financial security and transparency, unlock liquidity and growth opportunities, and support integrated and standardized economic systems".


Programmability in Specta Chain enables developers to create and run decentralized applications using familiar programming languages such as Solidity, Python, and JavaScript. This enables easier and faster application development and increases the flexibility and interoperability of applications on Specta Chain. Programmability also allows users to create smart contracts on Specta Chain. These smart contracts function as digital agreements that automatically execute the terms of the contract when they are met. This enables users to create secure and transparent decentralized applications, such as financial services, digital identities, and decentralized marketplaces.


Immutability in Specta Chain refers to the nature of the blockchain that cannot be changed or deleted once it is recorded on the network. Every transaction or data entered into Specta Chain will be permanently recorded and irreversible, thus ensuring data security and reliability. With immutability, Specta Chain allows users to verify and validate every transaction or data that occurs on the network, reducing the risk of fraud or data manipulation.


Interoperability in Specta Chain includes the network's ability to communicate and interact with various blockchain networks and other technologies. Specta Chain is designed with open standards and protocols that allow easy integration with other blockchain networks such as Ethereum, as well as other technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data. With strong interoperability, Specta Chain can facilitate the exchange of data and assets between various blockchain networks and other technologies. This allows users to access a wider and more diverse range of services and crypto assets, increasing the efficiency and flexibility of using blockchain technology. In addition, interoperability in Specta Chain also contributes to the development of a more integrated and open blockchain ecosystem.


Every transaction on the Specta blockchain is publicly broadcast and confirmed by other members of the network (Note: Specta addresses are encrypted keys which are all anonymous). The level of transparency in transaction data not only enables extensive data analysis, but also ensures that network activity is accessible to all users. Specta and the DeFi protocols that operate on top of it are also built using open source code that anyone can inspect, audit, and extend. The transparency of Specta Chain will help increase the trust between the parties involved in the transaction. With transactions that are open and verified, each party can ensure that transactions are carried out fairly and in accordance with applicable regulations.


Permissionless in the context of Specta Chain refers to the fact that anyone can access and participate in the network without the need for permission or authorization from other parties. This means that anyone can create an account and send transactions without having to ask for approval from other parties or need to wait for verification from the authorities. The presence of the permissionless feature in Specta Chain enables more open and inclusive participation and provides greater freedom and autonomy to network users.

Self Custody

Self Custody in Specta Chain refers to the ability of users to have full control over their assets on the network. Specta Chain uses blockchain technology which enables direct transactions between two parties without the need for third parties such as banks or other financial institutions. By using Specta Chain, users can have their own assets without the need to entrust them to other parties to be stored or managed. In addition, users can also easily transfer their assets to other people around the world without the need to go through complicated processes or involve third parties. This gives users complete freedom and control over their assets on the Specta Chain network.

Low Fees and Fast Transfers

One of the advantages of Specta Chain, which allows users to transfer digital assets with low and fast transaction fees. In order to enable new users to take advantage of simple and fast transactions, a small fee is required. The lowest fee for any transaction of Specta Chain or tokens listed on Specta Chain is 1 GWEI, this is the best offer that the Specta Chain protocol network has.

Cross Chain Transactions

The interoperability between two blockchains that are relatively independent is referred to as a cross chain. In other words, the fact that blockchains are built in a standard way allows them to communicate with each other. Asset swaps and asset transfers, both of which are important components of the blockchain world and important lines of research, are largely represented by cross chain implementations. The limitations of one chain can be overcome through cross chains. To guarantee open and transparent transactions, Specta Chain operates in an open and transparent way for everyone to observe.

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